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Sucking the dick of the friend’s boyfriend

Sucking the dick of the friend’s boyfriend. Melissa Lisbon she’s a very fussy and very tacky brunette ninfetinha who can’t resist the temptation to get a different dick, even more if the stick is very big and very thick, then she loses her line even and today when going to sleep at a girl’s house friend, ended up catching her boyfriend coming out of the bath with a hard cock and completely lost the line even with that. She was already entering the bathroom with that face of a pervert in heat, with her mouth already salivating and she simply knelt on the floor in front of the boy and grabbed his cock with her beautiful delicate hands and immediately put her velvet mouth on his cock. lucky, which of course, couldn’t even react differently. He even let the greedy shorty delight in his big dick and she of course was loving all this tension and this situation, of being there in the bathroom with her best friend’s boyfriend taking his cock and making him pulsate with lust inside her mouth very fleshy until milk comes out. Check out the naughty Sucking the cock of her friend’s boyfriend.

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