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Jacking off looking at her sleeping cousin

Cast: Nina Lins,

Jacking off looking at her sleeping cousin. I’ve always been crazy about my short cousin and tail which by the way is really horny and like any pervert in this world I always wanted to fuck her and today was the best opportunity I had because the naughty came to spend the weekend here at home and how she had just broken up with her ex boyfriend, I was all needy, really needing to cross over. I ended up getting along too well with her. I spied her taking a shower and she all needy dick was masturbating to try to relieve herself, but of course, a crab wouldn’t be enough, so when we went to sleep I ended up teasing her a lot by making my hard cock in the naughty’s white ass of course Quickly it all came loose and when I saw her she was already all naked in front of me, baring her legs and showing this wonderful smooth pussy asking me to fill her pussy from hard dick to the stalk and I of course came along, ate the beautiful little pussy of mine cousin all the way and I still enjoyed on top of her big ass. It’s worth seeing this sex scene where I ate my young cousin hot.

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