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I want to eat my FATHER’s wife

Cast: Wanessa Boyer,

I want to fuck my FATHER’s wife. Ever since my father remarried this tremendous hottie that is the Wanessa Boyer , I started spending a lot more time at his house than at my mother’s house. She is really delicious and her tremendous big tits and perfect combined with that delicious huge GG tail makes her a real horse and I was always crazy to see this woman naked and today, as I was already going to sleep, I heard the naughty moaning in the room and I imagined that my father was putting the wood down on her and I went to take a peek and when I got to the door of the room I came face to face with my stepmother’s hot babe all wide open, with her gravy and shaved pussy all open and her big tits were jumping from side to side while my father pounded the manioc mercilessly into the slut. She really screamed and knew that I was listening to everything and that made me even more horny and I stayed there, spying and beating one watching her being eaten and made fun of by my lucky dad. Watch the exclusive scene. I want to fuck my FATHER’s wife.

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