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I fucked my partner’s wife

Cast: Julia Matos,

I fucked my partner’s wife. I went to spend a night at my partner’s house at his invitation and after we had dinner he went to sleep with his wife in the room and I was, as always, too much of a pervert on his wife. delicious the guy could not resist, I went into the hidden room to spy and came face to face with the hot babe sleeping in a very sexy lingerie that left me with a hard-on at the same time. I got a hard-on to the point where I couldn’t even contain myself, I ended up running my hands over the wonderful ass of the brunette who woke up already all wet and we fucked right there. The cuckold of my boss who was in the biggest deep and heavy sleep didn’t even notice that I was there beside him putting the hot mackerel wife who has to give a suckle and a wonderful moan. I ate the naughty brunette on all fours looking good at this big ass size GG, I caught her spread-eagled fucking well this all smooth and fleshy pussy and still smeared the brunette all with sperm the way she really deserves. It’s worth seeing this spicy scene where I Ate my partner’s wife.

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