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Hot therapist riding on patient’s dick

Cast: Wanessa Boyer,

Hot therapist riding the patient’s dick. Wanessa Boyer she’s one hell of a hottie who helps sex addicted boys to kick their addiction, but there are days when even she can’t stand it and ends up losing the line during the session and that’s exactly what happened today because the little blonde with the ass big saw his patient’s dick pulsing with lust inside his pants and ended up couldn’t contain himself. As she had already left home late and didn’t have time to have a quickie with her husband so she could relieve herself and have a good day at work, as soon as she saw this big cock inside the boy’s pants she ended up getting really excited and went upstairs of the guy, who of course, gave himself all over and let the hot blonde with a big ass be very comfortable and she, in turn, sat and rode really hot, letting out wonderful moans, rubbing her pussy on the guy and still asking to take a drink a few slaps on her fleshy, well-rounded buttocks. It’s worth seeing this very spicy erotic tale of the hot Therapist riding on the patient’s dick until he comes hot.

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