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He ate me while you were playing cards in the living room

Cast: Suzie Slut,

How did the woman bet – Part 1. This cuckold guy took some friends to his house as usual to play cards but this time with high stakes and as the guy couldn’t even double his best friend’s bet, he ended up putting his wife’s pussy and ass in the game and how lost had to accept that his delicious horse wife Suzie Slut was eaten by the guy in the bathroom. The grown man of course enjoyed it too right, he arrived in the bathroom getting a nice kiss on the fleshy mouth of this delicious busty blonde and was already taking his cock out and putting the naughty to give a very creamy blowjob in his cock and she is of course he sucked heartily and even made a deep throat on the lucky guy’s thick stick before bouncing that big ass of his and standing with his back to the guy leaning against the wall moaning handsomely while the gifted had fun taking turns with the dick between his delicious fleshy lysinha shampoo and his beautiful big ass all round and even asked to be enjoyed in the big tits at the end of bitching. This video of Horn bet the woman is worth seeing – Part 1.

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