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Eating the hot brunette in her kitchen

Eating the hot brunette in the kitchen of her house. Alessandra Marques is a delicious mature woman and recently divorced who by the way is the mother of this guy’s best friend and who was so excited today with her flashing pussy that she ended up seducing her son’s best friend who was there spending the night at her house. The guy who had just gone to the kitchen to get a drink at dawn ended up being surprised by this brunette with a hot ass who started hitting on him and of course any man in his place would have done the same thing, put the cock out and let the delicious ripe fall from the mouth even sucking the big cock. The guy thought that the old lady was just looking for a light bitching, he even let her suck his cock, but then he was surprised once again with her wanting to sit with a lot of mood on top of his cock and right there in the middle of the kitchen and he of course left her free once again to have fun with his big cock. Check out how was this erotic tale of the gifted Eating the hot brunette in the kitchen of her house.

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