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Cheating on the corninho giving it to his friend

Cast: Elisa Sanches,

Cheating on the corninho giving it to his friend. Elisa Sanches is a naughty and cheeky girlfriend who, even being well eaten by her boyfriend, always wants and craves other dicks and after having found out that cuckold’s best friend had a big dick, she couldn’t stop thinking about the temptation to commit one adultery with the guy’s best friend. From thinking about it so much, she ended up getting even more nerdy with the whole situation and invited the pirocudo to go to her house and the boy who had no idea about anything, ended up being surprised by the cuckold’s friend’s wife who grinned all naked in front of her , showing those beautiful tits and that divine pussy all smooth that she has and that is mouth watering. Even though he was the horned’s best friend, there was no way for the boy to say no and that’s when he punched the dick even with desire and desire into that beautiful pussy and while I was watching the naughty writhe all over and moan beautifully in front of him, taking full pleasure in adultery. Check out the erotic tale “Betraying the cuckold giving it to his friend”.

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